Your order will be shipped to cargo within 3 working days (after 15:00 on Friday, orders will be shipped to cargo on Tuesday). Your order will be delivered by cargo to the delivery address specified by the member .


The delivery times specified by the cargo are max.3 (three) working days for 0-600 km distances, 3-4 (three-four) working days for distances over 600 km, except in unavoidable circumstances.


All submissions will be delivered to the adrese and related person specified by Cargo. (The product (s) you wish to send as a gift will be sent to the person and adrese you specified in the Gift Delivery Information form. If the receiver is not in the address, delivery can be made after checking the identification information near to the first order.


If you want to send your order as a gift, do not forget to enter your billing and shipping address separately.

The most common reason for the delay in delivery is; Address information is inadequate. For this reason, please enter the exact address of the product you wish to deliver.


After the delivery of the cargo package, it is deemed accepted that the delivering firm has done its duty properly.


Packets that are found to be damaged during delivery must be acknowledged and kept informed by e-mail or telephone.


If you do not deliver the product you ordered within the specified time or if you have any other problem with the order, you can contact the Customer Service Officer at, or call us at 0 555 5548820.