What are the things I need to know about cargo sending?

Free shipment is made to all the places in the borders of the Republic of Turkey from kayathethird.com web site ....

Express cargo is being exported to abroad for worldwide ...

How much is Cargo Charge?

You will make cargo free of charge to all parts of Turkey in Shopping, Cargo is costed by kayathethird.com.
If you order from abroad, express cargo is available to all parts of the world, 2 max 4 business days adrese delivery price 10 euro ...

When is the order cargoed?

The same day of the product / s of your order with payment of stock and payment approval until 15:00 on the same day will be delivered to cargo after 1 day max. (Orders placed after 15:00 on Friday will be shipped on Monday.) The order will be delivered by cargo to the delivery address specified by the member.


The delivery times specified by the cargo are 2 (two) working days for 0-600 km distances, 2-3 (two-three) working days for distances over 600 km, except in cases of necessity.

Can the order be delivered to someone else?

All submissions will be delivered to the adrese and related person specified by Cargo. (The product (s) you wish to send as a gift will be sent to the person and adrese you specified in the Gift Delivery Information form. If the receiver is not in the address, delivery can be made after checking the identification information of receiver relatives.

When Entering Your Order Information Please Note:

If you want to send your order as a gift, do not forget to enter your billing and shipping address separately.


The most common reason for the delay in delivery is; Address information is inadequate. For this reason, please enter the exact address of the product you wish to deliver.

Other Issues Related to Cargo Sending and Delivery:

After the delivery of the cargo package, it is deemed accepted that the delivering firm has done its duty properly.


Packets that are found to be damaged during delivery must be acknowledged and kept informed by e-mail or telephone.


If you do not deliver your order within the specified time or if you have any other problems with the order, you can contact the Customer Service Officer at info@kayathethird.com or call us on 0 555 554 88 20.

Why should I become a member of kayathethird.com.

To be able to shop at kayathethird.com web site, you have to be a member. Joining kayathethird.com is free and very easy. If you specify a valid e-mail address as your username and only a password you know, it is sufficient for membership on the site.


At the same time, this information is required for billing ...


Please click here to sign up for free.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you forget your password, a new password will be automatically sent by the system to the e-mail address you have used as the username with the Password Reset Service on the Member Login page.


If you have forgotten your password, please click here to send a new password to your email address that you have indicated as a member.

How do I make my payments?

You can shop by bank transfer or EFT if you want with online credit card from kayathethird.com web site.

We ask that you carefully review the following issues regarding Payment and Order Cancellation:

When you make a transfer or EFT, the time of processing the orders is not the time of ordering from the web site, but the transfer or EFT that you have made is displayed on the company accounts.


Orders placed via wire transfer will be canceled automatically by the system if no orders are made during the latest 5 working days.

If you wish to cancel your order with credit card, you can cancel your order without any cargo by reaching our customer representative by phone at 0 555 554 88 20 until 15.00 latest.


All orders are shipped with cargo invoice as required by law.


VAT rates vary by product class.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, please contact us via e-mail at info@kayathethird.com or


0 555 554 88 20 You can contact us on the phone.    

How do I know if the order is approved?

After you have seen it on our shopping system, you will receive an e-mail with the details of your order including your price, brand, product name, number, cargo price, total price. (Orders you make via bank transfer will be processed when the transfer fee reaches company accounts.) Once you have completed your order and payment process, please check the delivery to your e-mail address.


Please check the "junk / bulk / unnecessary mail" box if your e-mail does not reach you. If your message has fallen to the junk / bulk / junk mail box, please do not forget to mark it as "not junk".

What do I need to know about Warranty and Product Era?

In order to comply with the return conditions of the product you purchased from kayathethird.com.tr, the product should be considered as "defective goods". It is necessary to know that the product will not be regarded as "defective goods" if the usage conditions stated in the product delivery by the user and the instructions in the product instruction manuals are not followed.


No refund claims arising from reasons such as failure to comply with the conditions of use, use in accordance with the instructions in the operating instructions are not accepted.


Please note the following regarding the items you have purchased:


For your satisfaction with our customer satisfaction and related laws, you may return the product (s) you have purchased within seven (7) days by specifying why.


You will not be refunded after you have approved your design (written-symbol-name-date) written on your special request.


Items used and / or destroyed shall not be accepted.

You only need to send the returned product to the shipping company that we have contracted with. Products sent with another cargo firm are not accepted at all.


The return of the product must be made in conjunction with the original packaging and the issued bill of invoices.

Important note:

If the product you want to return is cut off on behalf of the company, the product must be returned along with a return receipt issued by the company concerned. The return bill must be deducted without including cargo share (unit price + VAT).


Product Return Address:



Once you have received your order, you can send an e-mail to info@kayathethird.com or call us at 0 555 554 88 20 to ask questions about product return.


How to Make Money Fees? What are the Terms?


If the products arriving at our technical service (as stated in the above item) are sent in accordance with the return conditions, the amount of the product will be processed on the day the product reaches us.


The period of reflection of your account is the initiative of your bank. Payments made by money order during the purchasing phase are reflected to the customer's account within 1 week at the latest.


If the payment of the cargo is paid by our company, the cargo amount will be interrupted when the money is made.

Our Contact Information


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