Kayathethird.com is aware of and is aware of how important it is to members how their information is used and shared.


This statement under the name of the Confidentiality Agreement which is published on the kayathethird.com website and which you are reading at this time contains explanations of your confidentiality policy.


By visiting the web site of kayathethird.com, you are accepting and pledging to abide by the practices stated in this privacy statement.


Your Personal Information, Use of Personal Information and Security


Kayathethird.com requires you to provide your name, e-mail address, telephone numbers and postal address through your registration form and order forms on its website within your own knowledge and wishes.

Kayathethird.com, your personal information listed above; To contact you for marketing our products and services, to update your information, to manage and maintain your membership, to inform you about the products and services you may be interested in, to provide you with new products and to contact you about your product orders, to receive your orders through our website, to provide our products and services deservedly, Logistics, and other similar functions of third parties.


Automatic Information, Use and Safety of Automatic Information


Kayathethird.com uses your IP address to help identify you, to diagnose potential problems with our server and to manage our website.

The "cookie" files used by our site are saved via your internet browser to save you the trouble of repeatedly entering your login information when you visit kayathethird.com (your e-mail address and your password, which you use as your login name for the site). Kayathethird.com can use your cookie files to keep track of your purchases and provide content related to the activities you may be interested in and for other reasons connected with the activities you perform on the site.


E-mail Information and E-mail Communication


As long as you are a member of kayathethird.com, weekly informational messages can be sent to your e-mail address, as long as you do not request otherwise, as well as customized messages according to your interests. You may use your right to make changes, discontinue and restart the services at any time. The contents of these emails may include information about the product you have purchased and / or other products we think you may be interested in, and promotions that are implemented by kayathethird.com


Usage and Privacy of Your Contact Information


Your contact information you have registered with kayathethird.com is used to contact you, if necessary, about the transactions you have done on our site.


Except where prohibited by law, your name or address will not be shared with other institutions or organizations by private clothing. If a court that requests a disclosure of your identity by a third party sends us a civil or other legal document, we will make every effort to notify you of the situation using your current registered address in our private  system; Your contact details will not be up to date or otherwise in a form that can not be notified to you.


If your bankruptcy or property is revoked in other forms, your contact details will be transferred to the successor. Ozelgiyim.com.tr reserves the right to share your personal information with such official authorities, if requested by the public authorities responsible for public safety.


Your Information Security


Your financiall information, such as your billing information and account information in the course of completing your order, is used to invoice you for the products and services you receive from kayathethird.com. Special clothing will not share your financial information with third party institutions and organizations without your prior permission.

Kayathethird.com has the necessary safety precautions to prevent loss, abuse or modification of information under its control.


Notices and Revisions


Sette Moda Takı Müc.Kuy. Tic. San. LTD. ŞTİ administrative and operational aspects are constantly evolving; Institutional structure in order to implement the necessary revisions rapidly. Parallel to these developments, our Privacy Statement is revised in parallel with these developments. We encourage you to visit our website frequently to see recent changes to our Privacy Contract.


Unless otherwise stated, our current privacy policy applies to all information you have stored in the system on your own request with respect to you and your account.


We ask that you carefully review the following issues regarding payment and order cancellation:

When you make a transfer or EFT, the time of processing the orders is not the time of ordering from the web site, but the transfer or EFT that you have made is displayed on the company accounts.


Orders placed via wire transfer will be canceled automatically by the system if no orders are made during the latest 5 working days.

If you wish to cancel your order on credit card orders, you can cancel your order without any cargo by reaching our customer representative by phone at (0507) 056 20 20 by 15:00 at the latest.


All orders are shipped with cargo invoice as required by law.


VAT rates vary by product class.


You can contact us at info@kayathethird.com or at (0507) 056 20 20 for questions and problems regarding your order.


What do I need to know about Warranty and Product Return ?


In order to comply with the return conditions of the product you purchased from kayathethird.com web site, the product must be considered as "defective goods". It is necessary to know that the product will not be regarded as "defective goods" if the usage conditions stated in the product delivery by the user and the instructions in the product instruction manuals are not followed.


No refund claims arising from reasons such as failure to comply with the conditions of use, use in accordance with the instructions in the instruction manual are not accepted.


Please note the following regarding the items you have purchased:


For your satisfaction with our customer satisfaction and related laws, you may return the product (s) you have purchased within seven (7) days by specifying why.


Products that have been unpacked and / or used and / or destroyed shall not be accepted.

You only need to send the returned product to the shipping company that we have contracted with. Products sent with another cargo firm are not accepted at all.


The return of the product must be made in conjunction with the original packaging and the issued bill of invoices.


Important note:

If the product you want to return is cut off on behalf of the company, the product must be returned along with a return receipt issued by the company concerned. The return bill must be deducted without including cargo share (unit price + VAT).


Product Return Address:Gedikpasa Street Nice Yuva Apartment No. 11/4 Cat. 2 BEYAZIT / ISTANBUL to address.Once you have received your order, you can send an e-mail to info@kayathethird.com or contact us at (0507) 056 20 20 on the subject of inquiry about product return.


How to Make Money Refund ? What are the Terms?


If the products arriving at our technical service (as stated in the above item) are sent in accordance with the return conditions, the amount of the product will be processed on the day the product reaches us.The period of reflection of your account is the initiative of your bank. Payments made by money order during the purchasing phase are reflected to the customer's account within 1 week at the latest.If the payment of the cargo is paid by our company, the cargo amount will be deducted from refund amount.


Our Contact Information

You can contact us at the following address or phone numbers for other inquiries:


Sette Fashion Jewelry Manager. Tic. Singing. LTD. Yes.

Address: Gedikpaşa Street Güzel Yuva Apartment No. 11/4 Cat. 2 BEYAZIT / ISTANBUL

Tel: (0507) 056 20 20

Email: info@kayathethird.com


Other Highlights

The kayathethird.com website may contain links to other sites for promotional or reference purposes.


Kayathethird.com is not responsible for the privacy policies, content, or third party privacy policies and practices of these websites.


Sette Fashion Jewelry Manager. Tic. Singing. LTD. Yes. Uses physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards as to the collection, storage and disclosure of personally identifiable customer information. Sette Moda security procedures, in some cases, mean that we can claim your identity before disclosing personal information.


The username and password that you have identified for access to the kayathethird.com system and the privacy and privacy of your password are also of great importance to you for protecting your computer from unauthorized access. Especially if you log in to oscarpazlama.com from a computer that is shared in public open spaces with your membership information, be sure to log out of the system.

Sette Fashion Jewelry Manager. Tic. Singing. LTD. Yes. Any employee in the world will not, at all, request your password, which you have entered with your user name. In order to ensure the security of your personal information, you need to take precautions to protect your user name and password.


If you have any doubts or concerns about this privacy statement posted on the kayathethird.com website, any applications related to this site, or any actions you have taken on this site, please contact us at info@kayathethird.com or on (0507) 056 20 20 .