In order to comply with the return conditions of the product you purchased from web site, the product must be considered as "defective goods".


It is necessary to know that the product will not be regarded as "defective goods" if the usage conditions stated in the product delivery by the user and the instructions in the product instruction manuals are not followed.

The product will be paid by the customer for the shipping charge for the return model and number changes.

No refund claims arising from reasons such as failure to comply with the conditions of use, use in accordance with the instructions in the instruction manual are not accepted.


Please note the following regarding the items you have purchased:


For your satisfaction with our customer satisfaction and related laws, you may return the product (s) you have purchased within seven (7) days by specifying why.

Products that have been unpacked and / or used and / or destroyed shall not be accepted.


You only need to send the returned product to the shipping company that we have contracted with. Products sent with another cargo firm are not accepted at all.


The return of the product must be made in conjunction with the original packaging and the issued bill of invoices.


Important note:

If the product you want to return is cut off on behalf of the company, the product must be returned along with a return receipt issued by the company concerned. The return bill must be deducted without including cargo share (unit price + VAT).


Product Return Address: Gedikpaşa Street Güzel Yuva Apartman No. 11/4 Cat. 2 BEYAZIT / ISTANBUL TURKEY


TEL: 0 555 554 88 20

Once you have received your order, you can send an e-mail to or call us at 0 555 554 88 20 to ask questions about product return.


Money Refund Policy


If the products arriving at our technical service (as stated in the above item) are sent in accordance with the return conditions, the amount of the product will be processed on the day the product reaches us.The period of reflection of your account is the initiative of your bank. Payments made by money order during the purchasing phase are reflected to the customer's account within 1 week at the latest.If the payment of the cargo is paid by our company, the cargo amount will be deducted when the refund is made.


Our Contact Information:

You can contact us at the address below or the telephone numbers listed below for any other inquiries you may wish to ask.

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