Your safety is important to us!

The aim of is to make shopping on the internet in a comfortable and safe environment. With this target, the  set up is structured with the latest technology in order to provide this environment. Is Internet shopping safe? There are security measures implemented on our site to prevent loss of information, unauthorized use of the information, and unauthorized alteration. Some of these security measures are:

Membership Information
Your membership addresses and member login passwords are stored encrypted in our database.

SSL Certificate
Credit card purchases use 128 bit SSL Security system. This makes it impossible for third parties to see the card information during the credit card transaction. Your transaction is processed at, which contains the SSL secure communications protocol that is valid worldwide. With this SSL security protocol, credit card information you give to my site is encrypted and sent to the bank, which is not possible to access this information. Your card number can not be seen by anybody. In fact, your credit card information is also passed through the SET protocol, which is the world standard, through mutual banks in the transfer of money.

Credit Card Security
The credit card information that customers use in their purchases is strictly not kept in our system.

In e-commerce, credit card information is much less risky than someone else's daily life. When paying in daily life, the credit card is given to someone else, so the confidentiality of the information on the credit card is getting weaker. Through the SSL and SET security protocols, information is encrypted and transmitted during the data stream between and the bank so that it can be solved (ie, used) if the information is passed on to another person. Thus, the confidentiality of the card information and the security of the transaction are ensured. Thanks to this system, will not see your credit card information. In addition, credit card holders are always entitled to appeal to online purchases like other purchases.